Thursday, September 8, 2011

Herb-Butter Tuna

Herb Butter Tuna
If you need your main course in six minutes, this is your dinner.  Of course, if you want it done that fast, you'll need to buy the herb butter that tops this tuna.  Unless you are incredibly fast... and you might be.  In that case, make your own herb butter while the tuna cooks. 

If you like well-done tuna (tastes like pork tenderloin), you're going to need a little more time.  But not much.  You'd have time to, say, make a quick salad or phone call.  Nope, I'm wrong:   Skip the phone call while cooking--bad idea.  Let's just let the appliances in the kitchen be plugged in.

Add a couple of sides for a bigger meal--here with potatoes and squash.
The great thing about Herb-Butter Tuna is that you make a double dose and have enough for an entree salad the next day (or tacos, a sandwich, or wrap) or simply sweet, cold tuna chopped up for not so regular old tuna salad.

Sides?  I made two sides as it was a Friday night dinner I shared.  One was a saute of  thinly-sliced potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic and a bit of thyme--rather fall-like.  The other was some sliced snake squash (from my neighbor) that I sliced, cooked, and topped with chopped fresh, sweet red pepper and Italian parsley.

Sliced Snake Squash

Here's what this looks like whole... one of my favorite pics this summer.  Thanks, Wendy!
 At this time of year, a side of sliced tomatoes is probably plenty.  Still too warm for tuna and red wine (I typically like Pinot Noir with tuna)--try a no-Oak Chardonnay or an Oregon Pinot Gris or Pinot Blanc.  Here's how:

Herb-Butter Tuna

3T herb butter (instructions below or purchase pre-made)
2 tuna albacore steaks, about 6 oz each
olive oil
salt and pepper

 Pat tuna dry with paper towels and salt and pepper thoroughly. 

Heat a grill or grill pan (or skillet) over medium-high heat, brush with olive oil,  and add both tuna steaks.  Do not move the tuna around.  Let it sit to brown.  After 2 minutes (for rare) and 3 minutes (for medium rare), turn tuna over and repeat on the second side.  During last minute, top each piece of fish with half of the herb butter.  Cover with a pot lid, if needed, to melt butter, being careful to not overcook the tuna.  Let tuna sit one minute and serve hot.

Herb Butter
 *Herb Butter:  In a small bowl, mix well together (I use a wooden spoon)1 stick salted butter, 1-2 T each your choice of herbs (I like dill and parsley), 1T minced green onions, and a good pinch each of salt and pepper.  A bit of grated garlic is also a nice touch.  You can freeze this in tablespoons and take out just a bit to top vegetables, chicken, fish, or bread. 

South Beach Diet Note:  Do not choose the side with potatoes; stick with the squash.

Have fun cooking and take care of yourself,

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