Monday, March 21, 2011

Recipes and or Food Online (or elsewhere)

Some people still cook from the New York Times.  Like Me.  Above:  Melissa Clark's Greek Goddess Dip.  Yum.
But most folks dig online.  Recipes abound online.  Food info abounds online.  Of course you can google anything and find any kind of a recipe, but it might not always be the best that shows up.  Here are some places I like for recipes.

Epicurious:   (Includes BON APPETIT, GOURMET, RANDOM HSE)  I also love BON APPETIT hard copy... and still miss GOURMET.
Foodily:   (New in 2011--wide-ranging professional recipe retrieval)
Food Network:
Food Network:  Their Healthiest Recipes all in one place 
Read about what Google recipe searches might be doing to you and your cooking.
Read what Lydia Walshin (The Perfect Pantry) says about googling for recipes
Top Ten Recipe Sites
Cook's Illustrated
New York Times: 
Food News Journal:  (Not a recipe site per se, but a fine site for daily food articles and "best of the blogs" where there are recipes.)
Bloggers Choice Awards-Fav 10 blogs 
UK Times Online Best 50 Food Blogs:  
San Francisco Chronicle Recipes
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Sign up for SPLENDID TABLE'S (Lynne Rossetto Kasper/NPR) recipe newsletter
Subscribe to CULINATE newsletter-all about eating well with recipes, articles, interviews, guest blogs and book reviews.
CHOW newsletters  w/ recipes to you email; click on "sign-up" in top right corner
Cooking Light has delicious recipes that are often on fb links. Friend them.  Link is an example of all kinds of things to do with noodle bowls.  I like their fb info as well as their hard copy magazine.
All Recipes:  sign up for newsletters on specific food topics like weekly slow cooker recipes
Taking care of your spices buying, storing, etc...

FOOD BLOGS  There are at least 10,000 food blogs (See above for best 50)

I have lots of food blogs I love; some are more helpful than others for beginners. 

More Time at the Table is my own blog.  A variety of recipes, stories, etc.  Of course, it's my fave.  On this blog is a list of blogs of which I'm very fond and read most of the time.  Of those, I particularly like:
  • David Lebovitz American pastry chef living in Paris.  Sweet--sweet writing and sweet food. Lots of desserts, but also lots of other.  Follow his tweets, too.
  • On the Road and in the Kitchen with Dorie.  Cookbook author and veteran blogger Dorie Greenspan from NY and Paris.  Well known for her sweets, she's top notch at the savory side, too.
  • The Perfect Pantry  Lydia Walshin's lovely blog about great stuff made from a pantry ingredient
  • Soup Chick 6 new soups every Saturday
  • Sunday Sauce NYT Photographer Andrew Scrivani's, food, etc.
  • Three Many Cooks  ... in Pam Anderson's kitchen.
  • The Family Table   A Canadian favorite family recipes and story blog from cupcake.

What are your favorite online sites for solo cooking?

Gingerbread cupcakes from More Time at the Table


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