Friday, January 22, 2016

Dinner Place is Done!

We've been cooking together for quite a while and it was all due to my daughter Emily's saying one day, "Why don't  you blog recipes for one?" And that's exactly what happened.

 I loved it, but have found that I perhaps have said all I need to say about the subject--at least here.
I gave it nearly year -- just to make sure -- and know now that I'm committed to writing in just one blogging spot:

Most of you have read my other blog, and while you can always read through the recipes here on Dinner Place, I hope you'll truly spend more time at my other table!  I do occasionally blog a cooking-for-one recipe on More Time, so come on over--do.

I'm so appreciative of your support over the years and I've loved cooking with you. Thank you, thank you!

Happy Cooking,

P.S.  You can also buy my book on amazon:


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