Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Egg in 30 Seconds and No Pan to Wash

This probably is one of those things that everyone in the world knows about, but I'm not sure.  So if I'm Mrs. Obvious this morning, skip the post.  Just in case, I thought I'd share my own quickest hot breakfast and also the method I used when I quickly need a boiled egg for tuna (or other salad).

In the microwave.  30 seconds for a runny yolk.  1 minute for a "hard-boiled" egg.  1 minute and 20 seconds at 50% power for two eggs with runny yolks.

Look, Ma:  No pan.  No butter either. 

  • Spray a deep cereal bowl with Pam (or grease with butter)*
  • Break one raw egg into the bowl and season it with salt and pepper.
  • Poke one hole in the yolk and several all over in the white
  • Cover tightly with Saran Wrap.  (This is critical or you have a big clean-up when egg explodes.)
  • Microwave on high 30 seconds.
  • Remove from oven and let sit covered a few seconds before eating.

 *You can also try a big (10 ounce) Pyrex cup or something similar.  You do need a bit of space.

Adjust this method to suit your taste in eggs.  Add 10 seconds for a firmer yolk or leave covered a little while.  Try cooking the egg on a lower power (maybe 50%.)   Add a tiny pat of butter when it comes out of the microwave and so on.

If you'd like two eggs, it works better to use 50% power for about 1 minute and twenty seconds.  Leave the plastic on for several more seconds after removing the bowl from the microwave.

People are pickier about how they eat their eggs (and about breakfast) than about any other kind of food.  How done your egg is will also depend on how large your egg is (I use large eggs) or how big the white or the yellow is in your particular eggs.  Eggs vary.   Just like the people who eat them.

 Naturally, you can eat it right out of the bowl.   Add a little grated cheese.  A spoonful of salsa or some sliced tomatoes.  You can also put it on a piece of toast for a more-filling meal.   If you do the hard-boiled version, you can make a sandwich to walk out the door with. You could add cheese, ham, or both.  Just make sure you make the toast first.  It takes longer than the egg!

Here: the runny yolk version on toast.
Have fun cooking a hot breakfast and taking care of yourself,

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